“And There’s a Million Things I Haven’t Done, but Just you Wait, Just You Wait.”


I finally have an idea for my project! I would like to do a virtual tour of the United States Capitol Building. Basically, I want to show people the great art and historic sites in one of America’s most prominent buildings. There are so many hidden gems in that building that most people wouldn’t know about even if they were looking straight at them!

At the moment, I plan on using maps of the building along with photographs of certain points in order to help educate the public—almost like street view on Google Maps. Currently, I am most worried about accurately representing the building and its history—there is so much valuable information pertaining to the Capitol Building that I’m afraid I’ll leave something important out!

Note: The title of this post is from the musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Here is the citation:

Miranda, Lin-Mauel. “Alexander Hamilton.” Hamilton, Avatar Studios, 2015, Genius,






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