“I’m Looking for a Mind at Work.”

Update on the progress of eCapitol:

All in all, I’d say that this project is going really well!

Via Omega, I have managed to create two maps using two floor plans of the Capitol I found on Wikipedia. From here on out the plan is to add map points for various rooms, pieces of art, significant items, et cetera. Each of these points, when clicked on, will give the visitor a photograph of the subject as well as a brief discription. As of right now, the first floor is almost complete (save for one room) and the second floor is off to an amazing start! In the Rotunda, I have managed to complete all of the major works of art I will be including in this room, as well as the general information on the room itself.

The biggest challenge for me right now is making this website visually appealing. As of right now it is functional, but aesthetically, it is bare bones.  I’m trying to figure out exactly how to clean and pretty it up, but it is coming along!

Miranda, Lin-Manuel. “The Schuyler Sisters.” Hamilton, AvatarStudios, 2015, Genius, genius.com.


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